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So much on offer for Couples with RomanticGlamping.ie

With so much on offer you will struggle to do it all plus find the time to get all romantic in your luxurious yurt or cabin.

One hour West of Dublin you’ll discover the great expanse of Ireland known by such titles as the Midlands, the Boglands, and many other monikers some good and others not so. Hidden away in this great expanse are gems that need to be discovered and enjoyed. One of these gems is a Glamping site close to the Grand Canal, and East of the village of Daingean. This Glamping site is home to RomanticGlamping.ie catering to couples seeking a quiet break away from the busy world of non-stop go-go-go. At RomanticGlamping.ie you will be able to relax and unwind, putting the pressures and worries away for a spell in the sin bin.  

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