ADULTS ONLY – Emerald Glamping is an Adults Only site. (Over 18’s).

No Liability:
Emerald Glamping accepts no liability when guests use the kayaks and bikes. If you are not confident in the use of bikes or kayaks then avoid.
Please be aware before you book of the occupancy rules. This in to ensure the quiet atmosphere is not disturbed by larger groups. We want to keep the place a quiet zone as much as possible.

Plum Tree Yurt:  2 Adults (Maximum).
Apple Tree Yurt:  2 Adults (Maximum).
Rosehip Cottage:  2 Adults (Maximum).
Blueberry Cottage:  2 Adults (Maximum).
Blackberry Cottage:  2 Adults (Maximum).
Grand Canal Cottage: 2 Adults.
Strawberry Yurt: 2 Adults.
​Bluebell Yurt: 2 Adults.

Any leeway to the occupancy limits is at the Managements Discretion and must be approved prior to booking.

Additional Rules:
A rule can be added at a moments notice. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with the rules. Be Cool. Follow the Rules.
We are a smoke free campsite. Please find alternative accommodation if you do want to smoke.
No smoking in the accommodation. Do not litter by throwing your butts on the ground.
Do not bring candles. We supply torches plus we have lanterns for pathway lighting. No candles PLEASE.
Disposable BBQ’s:
Not allowed.
Not allowed.
Respect other glampers on the site. Quiet Hours are from midnight to 8am.
All cars must be parked in the car park no cars permitted on the grass.
No water guns/water balloons. Please conserve water. Our water is filtered & treated on site using reverse osmosis and UV light. Please do not bring water pistols, water balloons etc. There is a whole canal of water to play in.
Plastic Bottles:
We have high quality drinking water in the kitchen. Please try to avoid bringing plastic bottles to site.
Food to be prepared and eaten outside the accommodation. Use the table areas provided. Don’t leave food in yurts as it may encourage mice.
No pets.
Communal Kitchen:
Please clean up after yourselves.
New: Due to insurance reasons we are no longer accommodating children. Current bookings will be honoured. Emerald Glamping is now an Adults Only site (Over 18’s).
Paths & Boardwalks:
The paths and boardwalks are for walking on. Please do not run. If you run and fall Emerald Glamping accepts no responsibility for damage or injuries that may occur.
For the safety of all Glampers we do not allow people to ride the bikes around the campsite. There is plenty of room up the canal.
No excessive noise. We have a quiet camp policy. If you want to be rowdy book somewhere else. Quiet time is from midnight until 8 am.
No music devices allowed. Listen to the birds. Sing a song (But not after midnight).
No shoes or boots in the accommodation. Bring slip-ons or slippers.
Guests are not permitted to have visitors in the Yurts at any time of the day or night. Visitors (not including paying guests) must seek prior permission to enter the campsite. Gates are locked at night for your safety and security.​ No casual visitors allowed. If you want to visit the site make an appointment.
Guests who intentionally or accidentally damage the property will be charged the full amount of the occurred damage.
Outside Contractors/Services:
Any activities or other services cannot be arranged without prior authorisation of Emerald Glamping. Should permission be granted, a copy of insurance from each external activity or service provider must be supplied to Emerald Glamping prior to entering and using Emerald Glamping’s facilities. A fee may also apply.
Personal items/Valuables:
Guests are obliged to take care of their personal items & valuables left in the accommodation. Emerald Glamping will not be responsible in the case of any disappearance. We advise that guests always close and lock their doors when they go out.
The campfire must be kept within the confines of the stones set into the ground. Do not create a large fire. If it is found to be excessively large it will be extinguished.

Noise: Please respect others enjoyment of the peace and quiet we have to offer. No music allowed on site. Bring headsets if you want to listen to your music. Our site is an intimate space. We strictly enforce this rule. Quiet time from 12pm. 


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